Children's Book Club
and Performance Series

The Children's Book Club and Performance Series is the perfect way to open the hearts and minds of children, by encouraging them to seek further, explore more, and engage themselves in the world of literature and live theatre. We believe, that it's never too early to jumpstart a child's imagination, and that if presented with stories that fascinate them, children can't help but discover the pleasures of reading. We also know, that theatre reinforces the importance of reading. A live production has the ability to jump a story off the page and bring it to life. In this digital era in which we live, young people have much to learn from the interactions that take place between the characters in the books they read, and on the stage.

Our weekday offerings were created as a way to enhance in-school literary and curriculum programs, while providing cultural and artistic opportunities to elementary and middle school students for whom a lack of arts programming is evident. These weekday shows make great field trips for school groups. 

Sponsored in part by Council Members James F. Gennaro, Linda Lee, and Sandra Ung.

Arts On Stage

Reserve Now – Pay Later
Call this number for reservations: 718.266.0202 or email:
Shows begin at 10:00am and 11:45am
All Tickets: $12, Teachers attend for free!

Arts On Stage makes learning fun.  At an Arts On Stage show, the theater is converted into a learning laboratory deepening and enriching student learning.  A combination of live adaptations of children’s literature, academic and rich cultural programs, enable real-life lessons in friendship, math, science and history.  The shows being offered for 2023/2024 and their corresponding dates are indicated below.  Please call Arts On Stage to make a reservation, and for all other pertinent information.

Performances Scheduled at QPAC:

November 20, 2023: The Magic of Science

November 21, 2023: Reading Laser Adventure!

November 22, 2023: Thunderbird-Native American Dance

November 27, 2023: Thunderbird-Native American Dance

November 28, 2023: A Year with Frog and Toad

November 29, 2023: Classroom Character- The Road to Success

November 30, 2023: Superhero Math K-5

December 1, 2023: Reading is Magical

December 4, 2023: Winter Laser Holidays

December 5, 2023: A Year with Frog and Toad

December 6, 2023: Mistletunes

December 7, 2023: The Shoemaker & The Elves: Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale

December 8, 2023: A Christmas Carol

December 11, 2023: Once Upon A Snowflake

December 12, 2023: Science + Juggling = Fun!

December 13, 2023: Mistletunes

December 14, 2023: The Little Mermen: Disney Singalong

December 15, 2023: Capulli Mexican Dance

February 5, 2024: Rainbow Fish

February 6, 2024: Rainbow Fish

February 7, 2024: Kenya Got Talent: African Acrobats

February 8, 2024: Kenya Got Talent: African Acrobats

February 9, 2024: Kenya Got Talent: African Acrobats

February 13, 2024: Harriet Tubman: Black History

February 27, 2024: Miss Nelson is Missing

February 28, 2024: Miss Nelson is Missing

February 29, 2024: Jackie Robinson

March 1, 2024: Brilliant Brave: Great Women of Black History

March 5, 2024: Chinese Acrobats

March 6, 2024: Chinese Acrobats

March 13, 2024: Chinese Acrobats

March 18, 2024: Fairy Tales on Ice

March 25, 2024: Cat In The Hat

March 26, 2024: Cat In The Hat

April 11, 2024: The Jungle Book

April 12, 2024: Alexander Terrible (Horrible, No Good, Bad Day)

May 14, 2024: Science, Juggling & Circus Fun

May 15, 2024: Dynamic Rockets: Hip Hop

May 21, 2024: Tribute to Lady Gaga

June 5, 2024: Tribute to Michael Jackson

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The Paper Bag Players

The award-winning Paper Bag Players have been keeping it simple---and simply hilarious for over 65 years!  For reservations visit, call 212 353 2332 or email:

All shows begin at 10:30am, $9.00 all seats (every 20th ticket is FREE)! Grades pre-k through 3.

THE PAPER BAG PLAYERS are honoring our landmark 65th season with IT’S A MARVELOUS PAPER BAG WORLD! with a blend of classic sketches and new works that pay tribute to our rich history and ongoing creative vision. The family-friendly hour is brimming with lively music and dance, raucous audience participation, larger-than-life characters, singalong songs, and hilarious stories, all wrapped up in our signature paper and cardboard costumes and sets. We invite children ages 3-8, and children of all ages, to our Marvelous Paper Bag World!

Our 65th anniversary celebration features classics like “Lost in the Mall,” about a very mixed-up family of giant tubes that needs your help to find each other, and “Big Red Day,” a storybook tale about a house on a hill as day passes to night. “Volcano” tells the story of an adorable dragon with an oversized roar. “Hot Feet” gets your feet tapping as an endless ream of paper covered in feet streams by. “The Tommy-185” features a brainy robot who wants nothing more than to just dance, especially if you dance along with him. These gems, together with brand-new surprises, all wait for you in the uproarious and fantastical IT’S A MARVELOUS PAPER BAG WORLD!

Created by co-artistic directors Kevin Richard Woodall and John Stone, with classic sketches drawing from material written by founding artistic director Judith Martin, director Remy Charlip and musical director Donald Ashwander. Scenic Artist: Florencia Escudero. Production Supervisor: James Huggans.

Performances Scheduled at QPAC:

Friday, February 2, 2024, @ 10:30am

Thursday, March 21, 2024, @ 10:30am

Tuesday, April 9, 2024, 10:30am

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Paper Bag Image # 2

Children Performances at QPAC